Senior UX Designer and Researcher

As a Senior UX Designer and Researcher, I have built or redesigned the websites of a wide range of clients, including Equimetrics, Rhino Innovations Group, The USC School of Dentistry, AssetShield, Olma Publishing, and Thabyay Educational Foundation.

Author David LaFontaine

I taught Digital Immersion and Online Multimedia at the Annenberg School at USC. I’ve also been awarded two Fulbright Grants to work in Ethiopia and Myanmar, and guest-lectured at a dozen other universities.

david lafontaine pluralsight course using predictive analytics to improve customer journey

Designing Data Visualizations

Check out my new class on Pluralsight - it teaches you how to use your creativity and intuition to find the insights in datasets, as well as basic data-analysis techniques to create “enriched” data and choose the correct visual to communicate real meaning. 

This course will teach you how to identify the signals hidden in your datasets and choose visualizations that tell compelling, interesting stories.

I have other classes on combining data/analytics and design/human factors! Check them out on Pluralsight.

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