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Design Trends for 2023

“The year of trustworthy design”

There are 8 top-level experience design trends that will dominate 2023 – and one deeper force that will ultimately drive organizational success … or failure.

The eight trends are:

  1. Design in Big Data: Insights and action
  2. Deep Ux Research: Getting clarity
  3. Sustainable Design: Design for environmental good
  4. Emerging Interact Modalities: Diverse ways to control digital experiences
  5. Intentional Personalization: Enhance experiences, create affinity
  6. AI & Machine Learning: Design force multiplier and informer
  7. Mixed Realities: Expanding the world, creating opportunities
  8. Diversity, Equity & Inclusions: Empowering users

Read my article (also published on the Inspire11 site) for my take on what design trends are going to dominate … and why.


Research Reports & White Papers

Inflection Point Report

Inflection Point is the most comprehensive investigation ever done into the size, influence, technological sophistication and business profitability of digital natives in Latin America.

I was the lead writer and one of the analysts for this report, which drew on the research of a team who interviewed one hundred digital media entrepreneurs in three languages, in four countries.

The report has now been cited in more than 150 articles, posts and academic papers. 

Download the PDF, or read the report in English, Spanish or Portuguese at



Ethnographic research and focus groups: Under contract with The Newspaper Association of America (NAA), I recruited, organized and monitored two focus groups of Spanish-speaking high school students in Los Angeles.

I observed them as they explored the Spanish website EP3, which was developed by Spain’s national newspaper, El Pais. 

The most valuable insight was not WHAT the subjects did – but HOW they did it. What impressed the editors, was how my research revealed the spontaneous way the students self-organized into groups and the extraordinary number of IMs and SMS messages they sent to each other.

One of my top findings was that most of the students followed the lead of the most technically savvy “influencer.” 


Dummies Books

I am the author or coauthor of:

My background in journalism included designing pages for newspapers and magazines. Writing Dummies books has helped me keep my design and writing skills up to date.  

To me, great design is about making complex information immediately appealing and engaging.
















Magazine Articles

The vocabulary every journalist should know for cyberattacks


Web geeks are famous for inventing whimsical names for highly technical things – such as Slowloris, Ping Of Death, R-U-Dead-Yet and Smurf attacks. But the results are anything but humorous … (More)


Cyberattacks are getting worse – are you protected?


Imagine your website is like a cool night club. Sometimes the dance floor gets crowded, much like traffic to your website goes up when you publish an especially popular video. Now imagine one Friday night, your competitor sends a bunch of thugs to your place and they not only fill the club, they create such a crowd at the front door that none of your regular customers can get in. That’s essentially what happens in a DDoS attack on your website. Thus, you can think of having DDoS protection like having a really good bouncer. (More)

Project Shield offers free protection for independent news sites


If you think of DDoS protection like a bouncer that keeps unruly thugs out of your night club, then using Project Shield is like having an army of soldiers outfitted with tanks, cannons and weapon-sniffing attack dogs to keep the peace for you. (More)

Adobe Dips Its Toes into the Open-Source Software Waters with Brackets 1.0


Adobe is giving away one of its most useful Web-design software programs for free. No, this isn’t some limited-time offer meant to hook you in to trying something out then slamming you with fees and subscriptions somewhere down the road. (More)

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