Design Clients Include:

rhino innovations group services page

Designing an “Umbrella” Web Presence for a Multi-National CyberSecurity Company & Subsidiaries

Rhino Innovations Group was founded by a group of ex-Special Forces soldiers to provide high-tech security services in Rwanda. As their portfolio of services expanded to include procurement, logistics and strategic planning, I guided the Rhino I.G. team through an iterative process to help them discover how best to express their value proposition.

Branding, Site Design, Content Strategy: Equimetrics 

The high-tech company Equimetrics uses cutting-edge psychographic measuring tools to help organizations increase their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. This engagement called for extreme sensitivity, due to the issues and content being dealt with, and the need to present Equimetrics as a company that understands these hot-button issues. 

equimetrics home page designed by david lafontaine senior ux researcher and designer
Olma Publishing

Inspiring busy dentists to go back to school – online

The Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC needed a ground-up redesign of its digital presence. We started by researching how students used the site, then created a new design, email template, interactive ads, the works – all geared toward busy dentists considering advanced training. Check out how I helped the school double the number of new applicants.

Making tech training fun & engaging

KelbyOne needed someone who could create training videos on Adobe’s experimental Edge Suite. Most of these apps were brand-new; NOBODY had any experience whatsoever in how to use them. Find out how I used humor to make my students relax and learn.

Olma Publishing

Helping a book publisher migrate to the web

When OLMA Media, one of the biggest publishing houses in Russia, needed to transform their entire business model, I joined an international team to study their audience and develop a strategy to convert their catalog of books into great content for the web. Find how we made it happen.

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