OLMA Media, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is one of the biggest publishing houses in Eastern Europe. They have a back catalog of tens of thousands of books, videos, and other media properties. 

They needed to modernize their entire operation, starting with their website, and continuing on to planning for ways to monetize their intellectual property on digital platforms. 

Compounding the task was the obvious language barriers, and a skeptical corporate culture that refused to believe that the internet provided any opportunities for content creators. 

Moscow - Red Square - OLMA media


A deep dive into the extraordinary collection of books and other content created by this powerhouse publishing company to find the elements that would best lend themselves to the modern Web.

We brainstormed a more functional Home page for OLMA on a series of those giant tear-off sheets of paper. For some reason, the Russians had lots of blue and pink markers for us to work with, which made things a little hard to see from a distance. 

For some reason, they really liked the bad drawing of the guy smoking a pipe. And no, it was not an homage to Stalin.

The Result

A modern home page that showcases both their great books and their forward thinking vision for how their content can best be share online.

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