Mobile Web Design For Dummies

Mobile-Web-Design-For-DummiesBy Janine Warner & David LaFontaine
Wiley Publishing

At first glance, the sheer rate of change in the mobile web can seem intimidating. If the regular internet is a moving target, then the mobile web is a cheetah! With our help, you’ll discover what makes a great mobile Web site, the technologies that help you get around the limitations, and how to pack a punch on the small screen.

How to make a big impression on the small screen

  • Small space, big challenge — examine what makes mobile a different creature and the specific design challenges involved
  • Tips for adapting an existing site to mobile
  • Planning an effective mobile strategy
  • How to build a site that works well on all mobile devices: smartphones, touchscreen phones, and feature phones
  • Tools of the trade — discover the best markup language for your audience: WML, XHTML MP, or HTML5
  • Maximize mobile features — take advantage of special features on the iPhone®, Android, and BlackBerry® Storm
  • Testing, testing — discover how to test your mobile designs with online emulators
  • Mobile Multimedia — find out how to add audio and video and optimize images for the small screen
  • Spread the word — explore marketing options to get the word out about your mobile site
  • M-commerce and how to add a mobile-friendly shopping cart to your site
  • How to test mobile designs, even when you don’t have a mobile phone using mobile emulators
  • Interviews with top mobile experts
  • Based on extensive research, writing, editing, and testing, Mobile Web Design For Dummies is already getting great reviews.


Authors Janine Warner and David LaFontaine explain some of the things you’ll learn in Mobile Web Design For Dummies

Table of Contents

Part I Designing for Mobile Devices

Chapter 1: Understanding What Makes Mobile Different

Chapter 2 Designing for the Mobile World

Part II Following Mobile Web Standards

Chapter 3 Creating a Simple Mobile Site

Chapter 4 Introducing XHTML and CSS (was Chapter 3)

Chapter 5 Comparing Mobile Markup Languages

Chapter 6 Developing Multiple Mobile Designs

Chapter 7 Testing and Publishing Mobile Sites

Part III Multimedia, Marketing, and E-commerce

Chapter 8 Using Images and Multimedia in Mobile Designs

Chapter 9 Creating Mobile Friendly Blog pages

Chapter 10 Mobile Marketing and Social Media

Chapter 11 Adding E-commerce to Mobile Sites

Part IV Part of Tens

Chapter 12 Ten Mobile Interface Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 13 Ten Great Mobile Sites


Appendix A: Interviews with Mobile Design Experts

Appendix B: Image Optimization

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