Design Clients Include:

Olma Publishing

Inspiring busy dentists to go back to school – online

The Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC needed a ground-up redesign of its digital presence. We started by researching how students used the site, then created a new design, email template, interactive ads, the works – all geared toward busy dentists considering advanced training. Check out how I helped the school double the number of new applicants.

Making tech training fun & engaging

KelbyOne needed someone who could create training videos on Adobe’s experimental Edge Suite. Most of these apps were brand-new; NOBODY had any experience whatsoever in how to use them. Find out how I used humor to make my students relax and learn.

Olma Publishing

Helping a book publisher migrate to the web

When OLMA Media, one of the biggest publishing houses in Russia, needed to transform their entire business model, I joined an international team to study their audience and develop a strategy to convert their catalog of books into great content for the web. Find how we made it happen.

Infographic: Catching online scammers

When Advanced Interactive Media wanted a big data analysis of how online fantasy game developers were helping e-commerce sites identify and catch real-world criminals, I got to nerd out in a big way. Check out the case study and infographics I created to explain how connections among troll lovers revealed nefarious intent. 

Catching online scammers infographic

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